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When preparing a business case, an estimate is made of the revenues and costs associated with the relevant proposition. The focus is on developing the software that is needed to bring the proposition to the market. Usually, a budget is also reserved for maintenance.

During the development of custom software, knowledge is built up within the development team. Knowledge of the product, but also knowledge about your market and your company. As the team stays together longer and works on your software, this knowledge increases and with it the effectiveness and efficiency. There is also a dependence on the team that has gathered all this knowledge.

As soon as the software is ‘ready’ and the product goes to the market and then, if the product is well received, the phase in which the investments are earned back begins. In this phase, users gain experiences and new wishes arise. Experience shows that with a successful project, the further development entails more costs than previously estimated.

The decision to develop (or have developed) its own software is strategic. The question “do it yourself or outsource” is usually that too. In the case of software development, it is certainly advisable to think carefully about the sourcing question. If you see this as a one-off project, it makes sense to outsource that. But if you see software development as a strategic process that also continues after the introduction of the first product, it might be better to tie your own development team to your company.

Team4Code facilitates its customers by providing its own development teams. Although these developers do not work physically in our clients’ offices, they are exclusively connected to our clients. This puts the customer in control. Team4Code guides the team on all aspects of the collaboration with the aim of offering the customer quality, continuity and flexibility.

Quality control is part of the development process. But to make good quality, it is important to make quality an integral part of the process.
Quality starts with understanding the question and then testing it. That is why we record a relatively large amount. A report/summary is made of every interview that we present to the client. This helps to form thoughts and to check that the question is well understood.

We work with agile project methods so that we can respond to new insights during the project. Nevertheless, at the start of a project, we pay a lot of attention to describing and detailing the requirements and designs on the basis of which the architecture is developed. We will continue to update these documents during the project. The documentation is an important tool for all involved. For example, the QA can rely on it during testing.

During the development process, code reviewing takes place by the developers. They do this to remove errors from the code but also to learn from each other. By reviewing the code, knowledge is also shared which benefits continuity. In addition, an architect who is not part of the team periodically supervises the documentation and will also do code reviews. The resulting report offers the client a good insight into the quality of the development process.

Before we deliver the software, various tests are performed, including an acceptance test. The software will only be delivered if they have all been successfully completed.

We take the utmost care when hiring staff. Confidentiality and intellectual property is included in our contracts. We offer our customers Non Disclosure Agreements. Within our company a no-usb policy is in use while software development takes place as much as possible on the company’s servers. Everyone who comes to our office is registered and our office is equipped with sufficient security and an alarm system. In addition, we can make extra provisions in accordance with customer requirements.

When a software developer works on a project for a long time, he or she builds up a lot of knowledge. If no measures are taken in advance, the entire company can eventually become dependent on this person. If he or she subsequently leaves the company, this may jeopardize the continuity of the company.

We therefore provide a procedure whereby the knowledge of the application is shared with multiple developers. Of course, this requires an additional investment, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages: for example, code review leads to higher software quality, better service and less maintenance costs afterwards. This way you are not dependent on a single developer. An emergency plan is also a fixed part of our approach.

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